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Board of directors

V.N. Deshpande

Non-executive Chairman, founder director

Mr. V.N.Deshpande is BE (Mechanical) and PGDBM. He has past work experience in various industrial organizations in the area of materials management, oversees technical collaboration, planning and general management.

N.S. Wagh
Non-executive Vice-chairman, founder director

Mr. N.S.Wagh is a BE (Mechanical) and BE (Metallurgy) and has a vast experience in the foundry industry including HRD, marketing and operations.

U.K. Deshpande
Vice-chairman, founder director

Mr. U.K. Deshpande has a mechanical engineering background and has extensive experience in the areas of machining, ferrous casting and foundry project implementation.

Executive management

Anand V. Deshpande


Mr. Anand has a B Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Powai, MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University and MBA from University of Akron USA. Anand is a hands-on leader and his primary focus area is Operations and Human Resource Development.

Ravindra K. Kalkundri
Sr. Vice President, Finance

Mr. Ravi is a Chartered Accounted and in his previous career has practised in several organization including EOU companies. Ravi leads the finance, accounts and IT area within the company.

Abhijeet V. Deshpande
Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Materials

Mr. Abhijeet is a Metallurgist and has MS in Net Shape Manufacturing Systems from The Ohio State University. He also has an MBA from University of Pittsburgh. Abhijeet leads the marketing and materials functions in the company.

Makrand N. Wagh
Sr. General Manager, Marketing

Mr. Makrand is a Mechanical Engineer and has a MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Houston. Makrand leads the New Business development function in the company.

Jayesh U. Deshpande
Sr. General Manager, Foundry

Mr. Jayesh is a Metallurgist and has a MS in Manufacturing Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Jayesh leads foundry operations for Unit 3 in the company.