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QC in Foundry:
  • Spectro-lab make spectrometers (4 nos)
  • Tensile testing machine
  • Optical Microscopes with image analyzer
  • Chemical testing (wet analysis) lab facility
  • Hardness testing machines
  • Radiation trace element testing equipment Casting sectioning and layout marking
  • Access to labs for radiography, Dye-penetrant, ultrasound and other tests
QC in Machine shops
  • 3-D CNC controlled CMM (3 nos) with pallet size upto 700x1000x600mm (Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe)
  • 1-D electronic height gauges- make Trimos and Tesa
  • Optical profile projector
  • Surface testers, various bore dial gauges, plug gauges deployed on lines
  • Mistake proofing deployed to prevent defects from flowing forward in the system
  • Air and water leakage testing equipments
  • All critical characteristics (process and product) monitored by run charts/ SPC